Struggling with Coming Out or Know Someone Who Is?

You’re not alone. While things are getting better, far too many people still feel lost and scared about coming out.

The Coming Out Course will be the first-ever free online course giving LGBTQ youth support, guidance, and a peer community during their first coming out experiences.

With your help, we can make sure that no one has to feel alone or afraid for simply being who they are.

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Don’t Feel Rushed
Hi. My name is Michael and I want to come out about a previous experience that I went through in high school.

This is the first time that I’m publicly sharing it and it means a lot to me to make this video and share it with all of you.

So here we go. Deep breath. Okay.

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The Day I Came Out to My Mom
Chad's Message
I remember the day I came out to my mom.

I had been wanting to do it for so long, but it was never the right moment.

I was 21 years old and thought I was all grown up and independent from my parents, but in that moment, I felt so dependent on her, knowing that I didn’t want to lose the relationship we had…

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It Gets Easier
Hi, my name is Melissa and I am a queer woman.

Woo! I said it.

But actually, the truth is, at this point in my life, coming out is no big deal. Not for the most part, anyway…

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I Think I Might Not Be Straight – So What Am I?

I’m not going to tell you that labels are for soup cans, although I understand that sentiment. But the secret that no one is telling you is this: This is who you are, and your experience is valid – with or without a label affixed. But for everyone who’s got a hold on identifying their feelings, but needs help figuring out a label, let’s talk about it.

Coming Out as Trans*

Coming Out As Trans*

The decision to come out and to whom is as individual as you are. It is likely that you will have to come out to those people closest to you and those you see frequently. However, being publicly out – as an activist or as anyone in the public eye – is a decision you must weigh. Here are some thoughts on when and how to come out but remember, only you know what’s right for you and your situation.

Comin' Out (Bisexuality)

Comin’ Out! (Bisexuality)

Coming out as a bisexual, as opposed to coming out as gay or lesbian has its own challenges. Bisexuality is sort of misunderstood. There’s this idea that everyone is either straight or gay and the in-between confuses people. So, part of the challenge of coming out is having to continue to educate people, even those in the LGBT community, about bisexuality.

Kai's Message

Coming Out To Myself and Understanding My Own Identity

I identify as a black, American feminist, trans man, freedom dreamer, scholar, poet, musician – just someone who’s here in this world and trying to make my way! Coming out for me is just dealing with coming out to myself and understanding my own identity. My transition did not just end at surgery or at hormones, but continues throughout my life.

5 Secrets Every LGBTQ Woman Should Know

Five Secrets Every (LGBTQ+) Woman Should Know

As a woman, you may feel like the world is flooding your mental inbox with constant messages of how to think, feel, and behave. And as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it may seem as though everyone feels entitled to comment on your “lifestyle” as well. People have some rigid ideas of how both women and gay people should go about their lives. You don’t have to listen to a word of them.